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BOCO YoungLife

You were made for this...

Made for what?  Made to experience life, and not just life, but full, overflowing, abundant life.  Want to see what that feels like?  Come and see...

The biggest party of the week...
Every week there is a Younglife or Wyldlife club happening. It's the best party of the week. You don't want to miss it. Contact your leader to find out where and when your school's club is! 


Upcoming Events​​​

WyldLife Club-Campaigners
  -9/28                   -10/8
  -10/19                 -11/5
  -12/14                 -12/3

Registration Downloads ​​

Young Life trip to
SharpTop Cove!!!
Click link below for flyer!!!

WyldLife's Summer trip is FULL.
But there's always a chance, get on the waitlist HERE!​

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Phone: 252-402-5088

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